• Extra serie en serie 11 open voor iedereen

    Iedereen die zich nu nog wil inschrijven kan nu ook kiezen voor de Extra serie en/of serie 11, welke eerst alleen beschikbaar was voor deelnemers die verder dan 250 km vanaf Bowling Nieuwegein wonen. 

    P.S. Zoals vermeld in de flyer zijn verschuivingen van reeds ingeschreven deelnemers niet mogelijk!

  • Squad 3 is cancelled

    Because there are also too few entrys for squad 3 this squad is also cancelled.
    Participants are informed about this by e-mail.

  • Series format posted

    Today (January 6, 2019) the serie format is posted on the site. Look for an overview by Tournament > Series format
    This is sorted by ID and possibly itself to sort out series.

  • Squads 1 and 2 have been cancelled

    Because there are too few entrys for this squads they have been cancelled.
    Participants who had given up a second preference, are automatically laid out in this 2nd preference.

  • Practice

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