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  • Hotel Nieuwegein is fully booked, other option: Hotel Vianen

    There are no more rooms available at Fletcher Hotel Nieuwegein.
    But luckily we have made a deal with Van der Valk Hotel Vianen.
    Where you can stay at a special price on the weekend of February 13, 2020.

    Click here for prices and more information about the hotel.
    Book directly at Van der Valk Hotel Vianen via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Booking-code: Via-GF84138

  • Opening reserve series 8

    The reserve series 8, Thursday February 13, 2020 (17:30 - 20:00) is open and available to book.

  • Entry is now open

    Today "1 September 2019" the registration form edition 2020 is open.
    Register now for our tournament! Click on Tournament > Entry Form


  • De winners are...

    On behalf of the Organization a big word of THANKS to all the players, parents, coaches and team of Bowling Nieuwegein.

    Also a huge thank you to our sponsors:

    • Main sponsor Columbia 300/Bowltech
    • Fletcher Hotels Nieuwegein
    • Bowling Nieuwegein
    • Bowling Shop Europe
    • Bowling Gear
    • Bowling Restaurant Menken
    • Odin Sportswear


    Partly by you is the 19th YET OPEN INTERNATIONAL SCRATCH YOUTH TOURNAMENT become one which we will not soon forget.
    With 179 participants and 314 play moments. Again a "PERFECT tournament" to continue in bowling terms. In a good coorperation with the bowling house Bowling Nieuwegein.

    The prizes were awarded to the winners under the watchful eye and in cooperation of:

    • Main sponsor Columbia 300/Bowltech Mr. Ramon Hilferink en Mr. Jeroen van Geel
    • City of Nieuwegein Alderman (Sport) Mr. Johan van Engelen
    • previous owner Bowling house Mr. Ronald Chandra
    • Mr. Bob Schut van de NBF


    Class 1 Mixed
    1. Mike Bergmann
    2. Danil Pervukhin
    3. Renz Philipsen
    4. Brent de Ruiter
    Class 2 Boys
    1. Robbie Bowden
    2. Daniel Harding
    3. Denys Mazikin
    4. Marcus Fischer Nielsen
    Class 3 Girls
    1. Line Mia Jensen
    2. Lizzy Flapper
    3. Ottilia Gunnarsson
    4. Florentine Weibrich
    Class 4 Boys
    1. Smit Kakadia
    2. Jack Blyth
    3. Liam Mertes
    4. Sebastian Holst
    Class 5 Girls
    1. Helene Laerkegaard
    2. Hanne Antonsen
    3. Kim Ter Bruggen
    4. Zoë de Haan 
    Class 6 Boys
    1. Tijs van Kalkeren
    2. Kealan O' Connor
    3. Emil Nilsson
    4. Floris Kantelberg
    Class 7 Girls
    1. Lotte Commandeur
    2. Maja Loentoft
    3. Sarah Munch Jensen
    4. Maddy Jansen
    Class 8 Mixed

    1. Kayden Lagana
    2. Andrey Gadiatskyi
    3. Adam Doyle
    4. Dillon Mc Keown

    Mike Bergmann
    Community Scale
    Dillon Mc Keown
    Chandra Scale
    Radin Alizade

    Most consistent performers
    All have won a voucher with which they can order a t-shirt at Odin Sportswear.

    • Thomas Nicholls
    • Rowin van Maasdam
    • Louise Gerschanow Nielsen
    • Jack Blyth
    • Chanel Korsman
    • Tijs van Kalkeren
    • Femke van Anen
    • Radin Alizade


    Your experience and comments on our tournament are welcome and we are looking forward to see them.
    Send us an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. So that we might fill a page with this.

    We have enjoyed it and are looking forward to see you all back in Nieuwegein on the 20th YET OPEN INTERNATIONAL SCRATCH YOUTH TOURNAMENT.