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  • Organization YET Netherlands kicked out of the tour by the DB YET International for its own interest

    Dear participants, supervisors and sponsors of our YET Netherlands tournament,

    The organization of the YET Netherlands tournament is forced to stop its activities to organize youth tournaments. Not because we intended to, because we wanted to continue, we are/were also co-founder of this international tour and then you only want one thing: play your tournament.

    But the Daily Board, read President and Vice President, YET International has kicked us (the organization YET Netherlands) out of the tour for purely personal interests, as we have been able to perceive it.

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  • THANK YOU to all participants, supervisors, bowling operators and sponsors

    We would like to thank you all without your input from the different angles, we as an organization would never have succeeded. We as an organization, and I as co-founder of the tour, can look back to a period of which we can be very proud. And luckily we can look everyone straight in the eye from day one, the start until the day of improper eviction. We don't have to be ashamed of anyone. Even if it was sometimes swimming against the current, but that doesn't matter. We are proud and DB YET International cannot take that away from us.

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  • What is the real story:

    • As a tournament organization, we ended our cooperation with the now incumbent Vice President YET International in 2020 after our tournament. After her disproportionately negative behavior in the final weekend, almost the entire crew no longer wished to work with her.
    • Subsequently, as co-founders of the YET tour, we communicated this to the president of YET International. It was amazing to us that he didn't care. Own problem, figure it out. As it turned out, because she did a lot of work for him. Which suited him.
    • Following this attitude by the President, I resigned from my position on the board as co-founder of the YET tour. A collaboration with the now incumbent Vice President was not an option after what happened. Read more ...